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Raising amount of Buffs, Scrolls, Potions to buy them flexible or in packages

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heyo players, hello guys & fellas, hello gm's

my announcement was thought about raising up the amountment for buying scrolls, buffs, potions etc. in higher rate that you don't need to run each 30th minute to the merchant Smile if that wouldn't be possible, no problem I (we for sure) still be enjoying this server =)

best regards, mfg





I have got a better idea... scrolls + potis can
stay but put the BUFF meds + REF med out from merchant sellist... its not fair... i also cannot buy focus shot or call of defense in shop why every one can buy my skills at merchant? It makes my CJB noworth ... i heard thsat max twice: "Ara BUFF me please " yeah i know cjb
can has grade 2 bufft ok ... this was my first problem =) now here comes the 2nd... WHY gives my armor (i talk about G70) strengh? It seems here GMs dont really like mages xD all parts +6 strg -> 5x 6 = 30 strg ... i dont need ty xD and lot of mages also dont need... so plase do something about these 2 probs because it makes the enjoyment of playing with a mage less

ty for reading ;_; / sorry for my bad english i try my best ^^

(^ ^)
(" )(" )


araxay, the strength on your armors is because you used bof on it, they can't change anything about bof (i think Very Happy )but yeah agree with kollegah it would be better is we could stack those buffs in stead of taking free space in inventory, which is very short if you go egg party Razz

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