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IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!!

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Should I leave the Server?

IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!! Vote_lcap0%IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!! Vote_rcap 0% [ 0 ]
IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!! Vote_lcap71%IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!! Vote_rcap 71% [ 5 ]
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Total Votes : 7

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I see no reason whu u should leave the server!
No1 on glorious have GM Stuff like g70 with kings or shit like this (ok my char have this but he is lvl 30) xD

So i say stay with us!

There are alot of ppl on server who think oh some chars have gm stuff bla bla because they lost a duel or something!

U shouldn't care about stuff like this!

U will be always hated if u are a GM

2IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!! Empty IMPORTANT! EMoogie aka W00T - Poll!!! Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:19 am



hey glorious,
ich bins EMoogie.
es gab in den letzten tagen ein paar behauptungen das EMoogie, W00T ist.
will hiermit ALLEN bestätigen das es die wahrheit ist.
habe heute mit meinem Archer den server geleavt um die behauptungen, mir selbst zu helfen aus den weg zu schaffen.
ich will auch nicht das jemand den server leavt weil er denkt das andere bevorzugt werden. zugleich gibt es einige die mich genau deswegen nicht leiden können. also habe ich diesen poll hier eröffnet um eure meinung zu hören...
wenn ihr wollt das ich komplett den server verlasse sagt es nur.
und nehmt keine rücksicht denn ich spreche hier nicht als GM zu euch, sondern als mensch!


hey glorious,
Its me EMoogie.
there was in the last few days some say "EMoogie = W00T".
I would say it all the truth is
have today with my archers, leaving the server to the allegations, to help myself away from the creation.
I do not want anyone to leave the server because he thinks the other will be preferred. while there are some which I just so hate. So I opened this poll here to listen to your opinion ...
if you want that I completely leave the server says it only.
considerate and do not because I am speaking here not as a GM to you, but as a human!


it would be nice if its your vote, you can also comment on

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