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1RollBack/Donate/Items Empty RollBack/Donate/Items Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:49 pm



Dear Community...

You know, that zogga has hacked us and thats why we have to use the BackUp from the 22th...

We are really sorry about it. The Problem is, that i(CherryLady) can´t do anything.. Only MADMAX can make anything. Alot of people have accept that, but some ppl don´t know or or don´t want understand that.

Some player has donate on our Server. I am really sorry about that... I can´t give you your money/items/donated stuff/ and levels back.

Only MADMAX can do it but i don´t when he will be online again or check the emails...

I am really Sorry about and i hope you can understand my meaning.

Glorious Team

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