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A faster way of improving your weapons ?

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1A faster way of improving your weapons ? Empty A faster way of improving your weapons ? Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:29 pm


Hi all, i was pimping my sword today and man did it take long -.- So i was thinking ... and i asked myself ... can the speed of increasing % for eb be faster ? And that is really what i would like to know ... Is there a way to make the % go on faster ?

Well i wouldn't know but is there a chance that the speed could be increased ...

Because i think im not the only one that gets bored with adding eb/talismans of attack and if your really slow ... mixing ...

I hope someone gives their own way of doing this faster or maybe their own solution Smile

thats all Very Happy

2A faster way of improving your weapons ? Empty Area 80+ Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:09 pm


Can i ask when you add the area 80+ to Glo?
Because ppl tell me "Lost" is boring but they aren't 80+ xD.
When you know when you add please can you pm me or f/l at server?
PerSHinG ThC^^



Very Happy Ya i know the problem with pimping weapons! but i think there is no chance to increase the speed!

ya it take very long but its a part of the game...and i think u have 5 mins more time to pimp your weapon Wink


what about making it like the Bead Of Fire thingy ... like you bring the rev stones and money and he gives you your eb ... but i dont think thats possible ...



I will talk to Madmax but i dont think its possible!
Maybe he know a other way!

we will inform u!


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